Rack Card
Rack card for Mass Match.

“Working with Rob Engman is much more than a collaborative endeavor. Whatever tools I need to enhance my business, I know Rob is the man to turn to. He quickly "gets" what I want to say. Rob is dependable, personable, honest and efficient. I highly recommend Robert Engman Graphic Design to anyone who wants their business to visually stand out and separate them from the pack.”

Colorful covers for a series of educational health brochures.
AHF educational brochure covers.

Cover for artist brochure
Elton Braithwaite brocure cover

Animated Planet cover

NADA seasonal program cover

Back cover spread for Focus MagazineBack cover spread

Golden Bears Team GuideGolden Bears team guide


The unfolded brochure is below.
When flipped the large
vertical spread features the
Airedock more dramatically (see right).

All the graphics on the Airedock were
photoshopped as I only had a
photo of a prototope AireDock
to work from at the time.

For instance all logos on the unit were added
in photoshop.

Unfoloded inside of brochure for AireDock.

Front of brochure for AireDock

I always liked the way this cover came out.VMag cover

Springfield College Gym Program

Workshop brochure with questionnaire on back.
Sheldon Snodgras back coverSheldon Snodgras workshop cover

Front of brochure for personal trainer.Berit Nowicki Personal Trainer Brochure Cover

Front of SNAP Fitness Special Offer Postcard

front of SNAP Gyms Postcard

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